Verizon Recruiting for Blockchain-Related Positions

Telecom giant Verizon appears to be actively looking to hire new recruits to build a blockchain team, according to the company’s latest job search. The company posted five job openings for blockchain developers amongst other 35 open positions which require blockchain knowledge.

Based on the job descriptions, Verizon is interested in creating a distributed network, with various use cases. It is also alluded that Verizon is planning to build a customer-facing product geared towards privacy, security, and payments.

An advert regarding the position:

 “This role will be responsible for developing and delivering of initial prototypes and product proof-of-concepts which includes use case development, technical requirements, customer co-development testing and commercialization handoff. The focus of the individual will be on blockchain and other identity/security initiatives (e.g. confidential computing, secure payments) in the emerging technology space.”

Currently, there are over three dozen blockchain-related positions open at Verizon. Out of these positions, there appears to be results for technology, marketing and strategy positions.

The earliest job posting, listed on June 13th, is still open and is designated for the role of lead software engineer. Applicants with “knowledge of Blockchain technologies such as Hyperledger” will be preferred.

Most importantly, the company posted 5 openings for a blockchain developers on July 1st. According to the listing, successful applicants would be required to “research, design, develop and test blockchain technologies.” Other responsibilities include brainstorming applications, working with clients and getting involved in the world of blockchain.

Amongst other requirements, candidates who want to apply must have a Bachelor’s degree or four-plus years of experience working in the industry. Consequently, a degree in computer science or engineering is a great advantage, and understanding software development on top of Python would be seen as a plus. Likewise, knowledge of cryptography, P2P networks, and data structures are preferred.

Meanwhile, Verizon is not the only one in the telecom space venturing into the blockchain industry. Earlier this year, AT&T announced that it was accepting bitcoins for its cable bill payments via BitPay. However, there are yet to be internal blockchain-focused roles officially posted.