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Online Reputation Management for Leaders

As a founder, CEO, director or market influencer, your professional status is defined by your reputation. This has never been truer than in the Blockchain and FinTech industry. In a market already under so much media scrutiny, your reputation is your own personal trading currency – it’s the most valuable digital asset you have in your arsenal for both your personal brand and your company.

While a CEO with a positive reputation can be a major benefit to your FinTech company’s standing, negative material appearing online about you can have a devastating impact, from shareholders losing confidence to damaging your ability to attract new investors. A negative reputation will feed any fear, uncertainty or doubt surrounding a person or persons attached to your FinTech, and will ultimately affect the reputation and performance of the business or brand.

• 87% believe a positive CEO reputation would attract investment capital
• 44% of a FinTech company’s value can be attributed to its CEO’s reputation

Your search results are your calling card for you and your business. Clients, associates, prospective business partners, investors and your network are measuring you against what appears online. Today, the reputation of a business leader and their company’s reputation is more closely aligned than ever before; the more we trust a CEO or leader, the more we trust their company and vice versa.

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Search Suggestion Is Your First Impression

Google Autocomplete (a.k.a. “Suggested Search”) recommendations often steer search traffic straight to rumours, misleading information, or unfounded criticism. Google Suggest is quite often the first impression an online user will have of you. Being associated with negative and misinformed search suggestions can be damaging and upsetting, impacting peoples’ perceptions. The negative searches become self-perpetuating; driven by the natural traffic your brand is receiving, whilst constantly reinforcing the negative connotations. By controlling the search suggestions being prompted, you can gain better control of your internet traffic and steer interested parties to welcome on-message results.

Blockchain CEO/Director Negative Search Suggestion / Google Autocomplete

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You Need To Be Seen

If you are person of interest, research has shown having no online reputation can be just as damaging as having a negative one. It’s now the market norm for a FinTech founder, CEO, director or key person to be active online; it displays confidence and transparency which in turn will form trust and credibility.

Investors and interested parties now expect to hear from the people at the top and if there is no content available it can lead to fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Without a visible and well reputed CEO, it’s hard to convince investors that the company or opportunity is worth their time and money. CEOs that are interested in building a top rated organisation need to start with their own reputation. Building a reputation and name for quality leadership will help the company move forward more than almost any other aspect of reputation development.

Investing in Your Reputation

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