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Online Reputation Management is Critical for Your Pending ICO

The launch of any token or coin is a crucial period. While every new project will make previsions and plans for a successful offering – and how best to invest the money raised and market the project – few will be thinking about online reputation management.

This is a critical error. In a market which is already soured with negative sentiment, under-consistent media scrutiny and online commentary, you often have a negative reputation before you have even launched. It’s an unfortunate scenario, as most traditional start-ups have the luxury of beginning life with a blank slate and little to no reputation concerns. Yet the blockchain market is unlike any other sector. Reputational failure – along with not recognising the importance of investing in ORM – was one of the key factors that contributed to 46% of ICOs failing in 2017.

Without a positive online reputation, how can you attract the new investors your project relies upon for a successful launch? Quite simply you cannot. It’s a hyper competitive market; with new coins and tokens surfacing every hour, the choice for investors is vast. If your reputation is anything less than perfect, interested parties will continue searching for alternative investments until they find a project they trust with their money.

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Search Suggestion Is Your First Impression

Google Autocomplete (a.k.a. “Suggested Search”) recommendations often steer search traffic and would-be investors straight to rumours, misleading information, or unfounded criticism.

Google Suggest is quite often the first impression an online investor will have of you. Being associated with negative and misinformed search suggestions can be damaging and upsetting, impacting investors’ perceptions. The negative searches become self-perpetuating; driven by the natural traffic your brand is receiving, whilst constantly reinforcing the negative connotations. By controlling the search suggestions being prompted, you can gain better control of your internet traffic and steer investors to welcome on-message results.

Negative Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Negative Search Suggestions / Google Autocomplete

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Investing in Your Reputation

Investing in Your Reputation Is the Smartest Investment You Could Make

Having no online reputation can be just as damaging as having a negative one. A lack of brand visibility leaves your company vulnerable and open to potential attack. Controlling your online reputation before an attack or crisis is imperative to build a durable and longstanding online reputation. As an ICO and start-up, it’s critical to ensure you are putting your best foot forward online from day one.

By not controlling the assets that make up your search results, the sentiment surrounding you brand and offering can change from positive to negative overnight. In a market that is already under so much media scrutiny, you must plan, protect, prepare and invest in your reputation.

Reach Your Audience

The cryptocurrency space is a global one, allowing International investment from all around the world.

Investors react better to being marketed to in their native language. In fact, over 85% of customers are more likely to make a purchase if the content is in their native language. Native content also increases your brand’s outreach to new audiences and investors you may not have considered, as a result of increased social sharing.

A Glocal approach is designed to increase your brand’s search engine, social media and multimedia visibility globally, maximising engagement within the core target markets for your brand. This engagement will ultimately lead to increased interest from the 85% of search users who would otherwise be ignored.

Reach your Audience

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