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Online Reputation Management for Your Exchange

With the cryptocurrency market growing exponentially in size and popularity every day, an incredible amount of strain is being put on exchanges to keep up with the resultant increased demand.

Furthermore, over 30% of people in the UK aren’t buying cryptocurrency because they believe the risk is too high. Damaging news stories about an exchange will only reinforce this negative assumption.

Negativity online can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, as a lack of trust leads to negative results and the whole cycle begins again. The extent of the damage such problems can cause is almost impossible to quantify but it will undoubtedly negatively affect the amount of new traders your exchange attracts

To avoid such a situation, it is imperative that cryptocurrency exchanges build a solid foundation to protect against any current or future negatives, and develop a reputation that can weather any storm.

Without a reputation that can be believed in or trusted, customers will choose a different exchange –  the options for traders is growing by the day, with new exchanges appearing overnight.

The online search results for your exchange are your shop window; having unsightly and discouraging content in your shop window will impact the daily amount of coins and tokens being traded on your exchange.

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Search Suggestion Is Your First Impression

Google Autocomplete (a.k.a. “Suggested Search”) recommendations often steer search traffic and would be traders straight to rumours, misleading information, or unfounded criticism.

Google Suggest is quite often the first impression an online trader will have of you. Being associated with negative and misinformed search suggestions can be damaging and upsetting, impacting traders’ perceptions. The negative searches become self-perpetuating; driven by the natural traffic your brand is receiving, whilst constantly reinforcing the negative connotations. By controlling the search suggestions being prompted, you can gain better control of your internet traffic and steer traders to welcome on-message results.

Negative Crypto Exchange Search Suggestion / Google Autocomplete

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Investing in Your Reputation

Investing in the Reputation of Your Exchange Is the Smartest Investment You Could Make

Having no online reputation can be just as damaging as having a negative one. A lack of brand visibility for your exchange leaves your platform vulnerable and open to potential attacks. Controlling your online reputation before an attack or crisis is imperative to building a durable and longstanding online reputation for your exchange.

By not controlling the assets that make up your search results, the online sentiment surrounding your exchange can change from positive to negative overnight. In a market that is already under so much media scrutiny you have to plan, protect, prepare and invest in the reputation of your exchange.

Reach Your Audience and More Traders

The cryptocurrency and exchange space is a global one, allowing International investment and traders from all around the world to take part.

Traders react better to being marketed to in their native language. In fact, over 85% of customers are more likely to make a purchase if the content is in their native language. Native content also increases your exchange’s outreach to new audiences and traders you may not have considered, as a result of increased social sharing.

Reach your Audience

A Glocal approach is designed to increase your brand’s search engine, social media and multimedia visibility globally, maximising engagement within the core target markets for your brand. This engagement will ultimately lead to increased interest from the 85% of search users which would otherwise be ignored.

Implementing a consistent Glocal approach is now critical for all brands that have potential engagement globally. Owning your organic local search results increases audience capture whilst helping to protect and promote your brand.

Contact the BlockchainDefender team today to discuss the development of your cryptocurrency exchange’s reputation. We can help you to build a solid foundation that will allow you to reach a global audience, protect your business and rank positively online.

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