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Whether you’re an established blockchain cryptocurrency, token, ICO or exchange, it’s critical you invest time and resources into your online reputation. Almost all FinTechs will be actively investing in traditional online strategies to market their projects, yet few will be thinking about online reputation management. This is a critical error.

In a market which is already being soured by negative sentiment, consistent media scrutiny and online commentary, the hard truth of the matter is that you will often have a negative reputation just for being active in an unregulated market. It’s an unfortunate scenario, as most traditional tech and financial companies have the luxury of a life without online reputation concerns. However, the blockchain market is unlike any other sector, and reputation and trust is paramount.

It’s easy to be short-sighted when operating in such a volatile market. Being agile and reactive to change is pivotal to growth, but if you are not investing in your reputation you are not investing in your future.


Your online reputation affects your project’s value

People are researching your blockchain, cryptocurrency and token online and increasingly making investment decisions based on what they find. Research has shown that having plenty of positive articles in the search results and engaging with your audience contributes to a powerful online presence that will attract new investors. A negative reputation or a PR crisis which impacts your brand online can decimate coin trading prices overnight.

We can help you control your company’s online reputation by ensuring the voice of the investor is heard.


The success of your ICO will be defined by your reputation

Investing in your online reputation from day one is investing in the foundations of your project. If you neglect it, it may be too late when it comes to that crucial launch time. Most ICOs plan for the marketing of their projects, but commit a critical oversight by not paying attention to their reputation. Competition is vast and investors aren’t short on alternative investment options.

The online search results for your ICO are how your immediate online reputation is defined. We can help control what your potential investors see.


Reputation affects the amount of coins and tokens trading on your exchange

When operating an exchange the importance of reputation is often overlooked, but without a reputation that can be believed in or trusted traders will choose a different exchange. The options for traders are growing by the day, with new exchanges appearing daily. The online search results for your exchange are your trading window.

We can help you control your exchange’s online reputation by ensuring your would-be traders see a true reflection of your work.


Search engines decide what version of you people will see

How do we find out about someone these days? We Google them. What appears may not always be to our liking. Whatever appears will influence people’s opinion of you for better or worse. Your reputation is your own personal trading currency; it’s the most valuable digital asset you have in your arsenal for both your personal brand and your company.

We can help you control your online reputation by creating a more balanced and true reflection of who you are.

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